About Me

About Me

 “Nature shows that with the growth of intelligence comes increased capacity for pain, and it is only with the highest degree of intelligence that suffering reaches its supreme point.”

~ Arthur Schopenhauer

I am a divine feminine sexual shaman who brings profound and exhilarating experiences to those who dare to follow me deep into the jungle of their most primitive and darkest desires. I possess more than just excellence in skills and the ability to set up the perfect scene, for me, it’s all sacred ritual. I am a primal, erotic creature with mesmerizing blue eyes who is spiritually evolved, vibrantly dynamic, and highly intellectual. I can be hypnotically perverted, sardonically witty, unabashedly cruel, and above all, adore using my elegant feminine coercive ways to push your limits.  I possess the intuitive capacity to crawl inside your mind and sagaciously enmesh you in my web of fantasy play. Be forewarned: may never want to find your way back.

Being a recent cancer survivor, I have learned that there are no easy steps to greatness. I have fought the hard fight and won. I am a brave warrior who enjoys a bloody victory and takes great pleasure in conquering weakness. 

I love nothing more than to see and hear a grown man whimper and beg while under the heel of my stilettos, to feel them tremble in fear of the unknown or suffer as the result of their sexual frustration. When I step into my sovereign power over you as your Mistress – this is truly my drug of choice. 

I demand absolute respect, honesty, and transparency. You must have a thirst for experimentation and courage to hand over your will to me. Your purpose is to please, amuse, and obey me. But above all, must know how to completely humble yourself, to truly worship and serve the Goddess I am. 

My experiences and skills in BDSM are extensive and go well beyond the traditional boundaries or constraints that might limit the average mistress and include expertise in electro stimulation and torture, medical play, heavy bondage, urethral sounding, anal training, breath play, ruined orgasm/denial, pegging, pet training, cbt, fisting, sissification, humiliation, golden showers and especially role play: medical, ADBL, strict teacher, etc. The possibilities are endless. The Theater of BDSM is a magical place.

While the world around us slowly descends into chaos, and feel that you just may be ready to have your most uninhibited flights of decadent imagination unfold in front of your eyes, don’t die wondering. 

A life half lived is not worth living.