Kink Expertise

Kink Expertise

I am forever a student of life. As a perfectionist, I take great pride in my thirst for knowledge – striving to constantly evolve in my practice as a Dominatrix, Actor, and Reiki Master  – continuously training, honing my existing skills, learning new techniques with the many tools/toys I have in my collection; but what really sparks my curiosity is acquiring a greater depth of understanding about the world of BDSM, the psychology that surrounds domination and submission as well as the powerful intimate energy exchange that takes place between two consenting adults during a play scene. And as each scene unfolds in its own time and pace in the theater of pleasure and pain, your trust in me will allow you to fully surrender to this incredible experience.

I find people to be truly and utterly fascinating. Each individual is as unique as their own fingerprint. And each kink/fetish often holds a mysterious trajectory to one’s own history. Each play session with a new partner is tantamount to uncovering a long-buried archaeological artifact – so many unique surprises, so many paths to discovery. I honestly can’t think of a more pleasurable and exciting way to examine the human condition. 

Role Play

Religious themes: Catholic School Nun and young schoolboy.

Medical Themes (Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Proctologist, Plastic Surgeon)

Age Roleplay (Adult Baby or Regression) Cruel Nanny, Comforting Mommy


Cheerleader/Mean Girl 

Boss Employee (CEO, Intern, Interview)

Slave Animal Roleplay: Dog, Cat, Pony, etc.

Police or Army Officer and Prisoner

Objectification – human furniture/toilet/ashtray

Physical Domination

Hair Pulling

Sensory Deprivation/Sensory Overload


Breath Play (Restricted Breathing)


Blindfolds, gags, and collars

Bondage (Rope, Leather Restraints & Chains, Straps, etc)

Chastity Devices (Cock Cage) Key Holding

Spanking (Hand, Paddles)

Flogging, Whipping, Caning

CBT (Cock & Ball Torture)


Nipple Torture

Trampling (Stepping or Standing on you)

Face Slapping

Hot Wax Play

Electro Play (Neon Wand & Estim)


Urethral sounding

Electro play/violet wand


Leather Fetish

Latex Fetish

PVC Fetish

Smoking Fetish

Glove fetish

Foot Fetish/worship

Stocking Fetish/Worship

High Heel/Boot Fetish/Worship


Humiliation (Public and Private)

Verbal Abuse

Financial Domination Submission/Cash Meets

Blackmail (with consensual contract)




Ignore Fetish

Ruined/Forced orgasm/Orgasm denial/Edging

forced bisexuality

Anal Training

Beginner Anal Training (butt plugs)

Prostate training

Strap on play


Exploring Gender Roles

Fellatio Instruction

Forced Feminization

Wearing Lingerie

Cross Dressing (Male to Female or Female to Male)



Padding or Packing

Slut/Sissy Training

Exploring your Divine Feminine 

Training of female etiquette/posture/ etc.

Fluid Play


Golden Nectar/Champagne cocktails

Golden Showers 

Forced Cum Eating

Forced Feeding

Sploshing (Squishing Food)Add block

Personal Servitude that I expect from my slaves:


housemaid/cleaner/Maid training

Grocery shopping/running errands

Culinary Expertise as a personal cook 

Website/social media/computer/tech support

Massage therapist (professionally certified therapists only)

Patron/ supporter for my Dungeon/artistic and creative projects

HARD LIMITS – Activities that DO NOT Interest Me/Nor do I engage in:

No Animals or harming of animals

No scenes involving minors

No Blood Play

No Roman/Brown Showers

No Heavy Medical Play

No Strangulation/ use of Chloroform

No Switching/Submission on my part

No  Non-consentual or Illegal activity

No Emotional Labour