Session Rates/Tributes

Sessions Rates/Tributes

“Everyone you meet knows something you don’t know but need to know. Learn from them.”

C. G Jung


I offer one-on-one Skype sessions for another level of a “one on one” experience. Humiliation, orgasm denial, foot worship – almost anything that can be done in person can, thanks to modern technology, can be done via a webcam. I require a  50% deposit before I send a confirmation email to notify you of the exact date and time of our session.

30 mins $150

60 minutes $200

Skype Session With Mistress Diamondblu

Skype Booking Deposit

Chat with me on Sextpanther (text & phone calls)

To see the full list of my session rates: click here

Introduction to BDSM: Solo or for Couples

Solo $300 for 60 minutes

couples $600 for 90 minutes

Have you ever been curious about the inner workings of a dungeon? Do you want to know the difference between a flogger and a whip? Is curiosity getting the best of you but you’re not sure if you want to dive in completely yet? I will gladly explain to you what goes on in a session, and the tools used during play, and answer any questions you may have. – nothing is too taboo to ask. Consider it a meet and greet for your naughty side to come out and explore.


For private sessions, see above for pricing.

Discovery of the Divine Feminine 600$ for 60 Minutes

According to Buddhist and Hindu teachings, we each embody both male and female energies. These are the Yin and Yang components of our very being. As we enter a new decade, the acceptance of gender fluidity is taking root and blossoming. The rigid standards of what was once the status quo/universal definition of a “man” (and woman) are in flux. I offer a safe space in my dungeon to explore your feminine side. Come with your makeup (I can also suggest how to assemble your own kit) and a willingness to have fun and feel pretty. We will discuss basic beauty routines, makeup 101, wig fittings, how to sit and walk with ease, elegance, and confidence, and how to connect to this loving and beautiful female energy through breathwork and meditation. And depending on the time of day, we could enjoy a high tea or some after 5 pm cocktails.

Just Worship 250$ for 60 minutes

My feet are soft, my toes are exquisitely shaped and my high arches are those of a ballet dancer. Have you dreamt of being on your knees, gently caressing my soles and heels, or being trampled by 10 toes?  I offer foot worshipping sessions just for these cravings. My dirty feet, stinky pinkies, high heels, boots, pantyhose, or tights  – and I will never turn down the offering even a foot massage/pedicure just because you can’t resist adoring me.

Meet and Greet/Consultation – $200/hr

Are you curious about discussing the logistics of a session more in-depth before taking the plunge? Or you may just want to enjoy my company and witty repartee, perhaps for a dinner date or night on the town while secretly being caged in chastity, or have me whisper commands of service to me in your ear, or even better, a shopping spree to celebrate my exquisiteness. I offer these sessions for $100 an hour with all additional expenses covered. 

Fly Me To You

I simply love to travel, so if you would like to meet me abroad, you will have to fill out my application form to be considered and contacted upon approval.

If your financial situation is limited

I highly encourage you to become a patron and subscribe for a monthly membership to my AVN Fans account where you will have access to my exclusive content for the small fee of $ 9.99 per month. A small price to pay for so much enjoyment.

Another way to tribute me is to write a glowing review and post it online (FetLife in particular) or via email so I can post it to my website, Or make your social media account geared towards promoting Me.

IF you have a good skill set, such as proficiency in computer (Mac) coding, video editing/Premiere Pro/ culinary expertise as a cook, handyperson, meticulous cleaner, or chauffeur on demand – I can also see this as a valuable asset.