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Glamorous Kink in Montreal – Fetish Weekend

For 18 years, Montreal’s Fetish Weekend has been one of the “must see/must do” things when coming to our city. The sexy, shiny, leather and latex outfits, the erotic, the gothic and the curious all gather happily in one of the world’s friendliest kinky parties that takes place during labour day weekend. 

Unfortunately, Covid hit the city, and hit it hard.  Fetish Weekend had to be put on hold for two long agonizing years, and much like the rest of the city,  the festival is being rebuilt. The theme of this event, aptly titled – REBIRTH, will be like a Phoenix from the pandemic’s ashes, rising again in all its kinky glory!

Starting on September 1st to the 5th 2022, this festival is a myriad of workshops, discussion panels, social gatherings, dance parties, gala events and a photo walk through the city with a glorious air of pageantry of fashion forward fetish wear through the streets of Montreal. 

This year’s Fetish Weekend’s events will be remembered for their larger than life, all-inclusive, spectacularly theatrical dynamic celebrations which will surely set all kinky folk’s hearts ablaze, hosted in some of Montreal’s most iconic entertainment venues. 

from the website:


2022 brings us a more intimate adventure with a sense of rebirth where the city becomes  your playground to explore. Together, we celebrate the movers and shakers who, year round, keep the city’s alternative scene alive and well with their venues. We highlight these enthusiastic KEEPERS OF THE FETISH PRIDE for an incredible journey into the kinkier side of Montreal!

Since the very beginning, our aim has been and remains to bring you the best event and our team dedicates time, effort and vision to create a unique inclusive experience with extra care to you, our loyal attendees. The Montreal Fetish Weekend offers plentiful social opportunities where longtime friendships are rekindled and new ones will be made!

Parties, workshops, shopping, dining, exploring our fabulous city (which in itself offers various more activities), photo walk, a fantasy ball, fashion, performances, outdoor fun, just to name a few!


Celebrating fetish, fantasy, fun and friendship in the world’s FETISH-FRIENDLIEST CITY, the Montreal Fetish Weekend is one of the largest international fetish gatherings. From latex to lingerie, leather, pvc, goth, lolita, pin-up, cross-dressing and cosplay; all alternative fashion is celebrated. YOU ARE THE STAR!

How my improv training meets BDSM

I am so very honoured to be co-hosting these events with my mentor and dear friend Simone Justice: a former professional Dominatrix, she has also been a BDSM educator for more than 20 years. A Member of the board of directors of DomCon LA and NOLA, she is also an inductee to the BDSM Hall Of Fame. 

She and I will also be teaching our respective courses on Friday September 2nd at Hotel Zero.  I will be teaching a class called:  Improv and BDSM – “how to get out of your head and fully into a scene”. 

Through the examination and application of the basic rules of Improvisation, we will discover the elements of play, surrender and trust,  all of which are also the foundations of a successful and satisfying BDSM scene. Through the lens of Improv,  I will share a different perspective of spontaneity and flow, and how to break free of  our self-imposed rigid narrative kink structures that often keep us from being fully present in the moment.  And also, how to embrace failure boldly  and happily if and when it does happen. “

Other educators are Jane Boon (PhD) (Author of her eloquently kinky first novel: Edge Play)  and Mistress Malissia on BDSM and spirituality. 

A full afternoon of powerful, intelligent inspiring women await you! 

These and other events and schedules can be found on the Montreal Fetish Weekend Website – VIP passes are sold out but weekend passes and individual events are still available.

I hope to see you there! 

Montreal Dominatrix and beyond…

FemDominatrix Canada Professional Mistress Fetish BDSM

Visibility is everything in this wild wonderful world of the world wide web, and during the course of this year, I’ve been branching out into international waters to catch some bigger fish. But now that the pandemic panic is slowly subsiding, Montreal is starting to become revitalized again. It will be a slow process, as we have not quite made out of the Covid bubble, but my city has a beauty, a certain flair that is unique as our poutine, smoked meat sandwiches and famous Montreal Bagels (I’m proud “Camp Fairmount Bagels” and “Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Deli ” if you’re curious ).

I have put up my ad with Montreal Dominatrix which is part of the larger affiliate Femdominatrix – Canada’s Top Dominatrix Femdoms and Professional Mistresses. Here you will find some of our country’s top Domina beauties, which will surely entice all you curious submissives to re-tool your visit to the Great White North to include the perfect way to be disciplined – eh?

Upcoming Podcasts and Interviews Part 1

It seems like it’s going to be a busy summer! I just a few weeks ago, I co-hosted the Rocket Review with Rob Rocket for his episode with the hosts of The Kinky Cocktail Hour for 60 minutes of wit, kink and spirituality. I had such a delightful time with the hosts of this podcast – SafferMaster and Lady Petra, they had asked me to be a part of their show on June 23rd (i will keep you updated about the release date.) its always such a joy to come together with fellow s*wkers and people in the scene – the pandemic may have forced many of us to our homes, but thanks to the internet, the ability to reach out to people around the world at a click of a button has, at least, for me, made this year in lockdown a little more bearable.

have a peek at my co-hosting debut here: The Rocket Review Show

The Rocket Review

I was beyond delighted when Rob “Rocket” Arnegard approached me on Twitter to ask if I would be a part of his web series: The Rocket Review “which is an inclusive chat show for ADULTS to discuss topics like Sex • Kink • BDSM • Sexual Health • Toy Reviews • Educational Demo’s • And so much more. where you get in a grown-up frame of mind and join the host and his guests as they explore the taboo sides of human sexuality.”. I was nervous at first, but having already done one interview just a few weeks before, nervousness gave way to excitement. I had a Skype call with Rob a week before the taping of the show and we became fast friends, already plotting Kink Domination in Montreal this summer. The interview runs along the lines of a late-night talk show with sizeable chunks of humour and scholarly talk mixed in. Tune in to Rob’s show – The Rocket Review every Friday night at 9 pm EST and follow him on Twitter at @TheRocketReview