Upcoming Appearances!

Exciting things will be happening in the next few weeks – I have asked to be a guest on a podcast called “What Women Want” (a wonderful show that I’m very excited to be a part of) and also an interview that I did for “Have the Balls To Talk About It” (which is a truly great show mostly about men, except when they interviewed me about my life as a Dominatrix) will be airing very soon on Youtube.

I have also decided to begin to upload all my Domination videos on multiple platforms where you can subscribe and be treated to some very erotic personal work and exclusive content. This will all be rolling out by the end of January.

I will be posting the updates here – AND don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to say informed, because I know you will be eagerly waiting for my next kinky nugget of gold I may throw your way if you’ve been good...