Mistress Diamond B-Day

Everyone has their special day – and my birthday is April 4th! It’s a memorable day because I was born just a few hours after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. I do have a special fondness for him in my heart for the incredible man he was, and perhaps his spirit resides in me – “I have a dream” remains my mission statement. I dream of a world that women will rise up to equalize the gender power gap in government, science and public services, and lead the world into a bold new era of Femocracy – the power of the feminine to be democratic, while being eloquently empathetic, and making gender discrimination a thing of the past.

Aside from celebrating my special day – I will be heading into the third year of my last chemotherapy treatment and 3 years cancer-free. What a better way to celebrate this special event than to gift me something from my wish list! Head over to my page; Adore me and have a look at the stores that I love to shop in – you can also send me a gift card from the many stores I have listed. I Amazon.ca, Etsy.ca and Ebay.ca gift cards are perfect, but I also have an Amazon and Etsy wish list. I will also happily accept any kind of Visa or Mastercard gift cards – to mistressdiamondblu@gmail.com

So, on April 4th, make a special effort – and don’t forget to show your appreciation of me for the beautiful, courageous incredible woman I am 😉