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The Kinky Cocktail Hour – And Mistress DiamondBlu

My interview on the Kinky Cocktail hour is up!

Episode 134: Mistress Diamond Blu
In this episode, Lady Petra and Saffermaster chat with Mistress @DiamondBlu about her journey and her experience as a Sensual Shamanista over a Franziskaner Premium Weissbier”

I always enjoy a good podcast, and The Kinky Cocktail hour is a great podcast. I mean, a REALLY great podcast.

In the world of many, it’s hard to stand out. Some of the contributing factors to a podcast’s credibility and uniqueness are (in my opinion):

  • relevant, current and occasionally controversial or non-conventional topics/subjects
  • engaging and entertaining hosts
  • the keen ability of the hosts to connect with their guests, asking intelligent, thought-provoking questions
  • and the host’s ability to expound on those answers, and sometimes, what’s not being said, to facilitate the guest into telling a story that is honest, and candid through their own unique voice.
  • and bonus points for being creative and catchy with their marketing – (a kinky cocktail concocted for each episode)

Saffer Master and Lady Petra are to me, the BradJolina (RIP) of the BDSM world (Brad being the s and Angelina being the D) Their love and admiration of each other is so very evident in their online presence, but it’s their complicity as a couple during their shows that is simply magical and enviable. Truly the charismatic duo in a real-life 24/7 D/s dynamic.

I was told about their show by a dear friend of mine – Rob the Rocket Arnegard and his show “the Rocket Review” (which I was also a guest on) this was a couple I absolutely had to meet – because they truly understood what Kink: all the fantastical colours and sumptuous flavours that make BDSM so decadently tasty and absolutely seductive.

After listening to the episode, I was amused, touched, enlightened, delighted, intrigued, and amused some more. These were people from my tribe – unique and genuine; they were speaking my kinky language.

Having taken a deeper dive into more of their podcasts, it was obvious to me that @saffermaster and @lady_petra’s interview techniques and their follow-up questions were well-rehearsed and spit-shine polished; reminiscent of the entertaining, yet provocative investigative journalism that was made famous by talk show greats such as Dick Cavett and John Stewart..

I won’t spoil the surprises of this episode – but it does include how my curiosity about sex was piqued at an early age, how I made my way into BDSM, how and why I became a Pro Domme, and how I believe that BDSM and spirituality are inherently intertwined.

And hopefully, one day, I will be able to enjoy my Sensual Shaminista in their company once again.

Montreal Dominatrix and beyond…

FemDominatrix Canada Professional Mistress Fetish BDSM

Visibility is everything in this wild wonderful world of the world wide web, and during the course of this year, I’ve been branching out into international waters to catch some bigger fish. But now that the pandemic panic is slowly subsiding, Montreal is starting to become revitalized again. It will be a slow process, as we have not quite made out of the Covid bubble, but my city has a beauty, a certain flair that is unique as our poutine, smoked meat sandwiches and famous Montreal Bagels (I’m proud “Camp Fairmount Bagels” and “Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Deli ” if you’re curious ).

I have put up my ad with Montreal Dominatrix which is part of the larger affiliate Femdominatrix – Canada’s Top Dominatrix Femdoms and Professional Mistresses. Here you will find some of our country’s top Domina beauties, which will surely entice all you curious submissives to re-tool your visit to the Great White North to include the perfect way to be disciplined – eh?

Your Catholic Schoolboy Nightmare comes true.


You’ve been a bad boy. Sister Catherine is NOT pleased with your behaviour. Aside from disrupting class by acting like a Buffon, she caught you with your hand down your pants – and you know what the Bible says about touching your nasty parts! Watch this exquisite POV film that will have you running away from your Catholic schoolboy memories. Watch the short preview below to jog your childhood memories…

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Upcoming Podcasts and Interviews Part 2

On June 21st, 2021 at 7 pm EST (and yes, the first day of the Summer Solstice) I will be interviewed by Mistress Dia Dynasty the co-founder of La Du Maison Rouge with her co-conspirator Lucy Sweetkill. I literally cannot find the words to express my excitement, and emojis would just be overkill…

Taken from their website:

La Maison du Rouge is focused on expanding the BDSM experience by discussing, educating, and informing our audiences about the intersections of kink, wellness, sexuality, spirituality, and social activism. We aim to build community in this regard by creating a safe space for discussing these topics as well as advocating the normalization of alternative sexualities.  By challenging current social norms, we aspire to bolster a culture around consent and open communication.

LMdR was founded on the compassionate and principled interests of the professional dominatrix duo Lucy Sweetkill and Dia Dynasty. After meeting at a commercial BDSM house and spending many years building a sisterhood, Lucy and Dia ventured to create something of their own. They are committed to elevating BDSM and fostering community through intersectional discourse and sharing personal narratives.

I had been following LMDR for some time, truly connecting with the idea of an all-femme Domme collective and educators who were expanding and sharing their thoughts and experiences about the BDSM scene with the world. The interviews I had watched were intelligent, compelling, insightful and inspiring. Real-life people with real unrehearsed poignant stories.

I had reached out to Dia Dynasty because her tweet about her upcoming project truly intrigued me- The Femdom Farm: “Spiritually-centered Matriarchy based in Indigenous Wisdom, Eco-Feminism, and Wholistic Femdom.”

As a Reiki Master Practitioner, Access Consciousness Facilitator and a student of Shamanic Studies, spirituality is very much a part of my practice and sessions as is it my daily life. I had once dreamed of owning a “Femdom acreage/collective” where Dommes and their submissives would come to stay: a retreat of sorts, where other Dommes would offer courses, spiritual beings such as myself offering Energy healing sessions, others, yoga classes, and of course, lessons in safety, the 101’s of BDSM, while the submissives earned their keep tending the fields, repairs and renovations to the property and of course, servitude to their Mistresses.

I was deeply intrigued and elated to see that there was a smart creative and entrepreneurial individual who was already embarking on their path to making this idea, their dream a reality, so I reached out to Dia, – “when the borders open up, it would be my pleasure and an honour to be part of such a phenomenal and necessary genesis of such a life-changing/humanity/environmentally impacting project.”

She immediately reached back and amidst the delightful evolving dynamic of our virtual connection, she asked me to be a part of her weekly Monday show on Youtube..

As soon as we had our first zoom call, it felt like I had met a kindred spirit – so many similar thoughts and point of views about the influential growing movement of female empowerment and supremacy, the importance of education and de=stigmatization of kink, and how spirituality is an integral part of the BDSM experience.

Here is the fun, candid and dynamic interview:

And while you are at it, support their dynamic and beautiful collective because I say so.