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DiamondBlu’s Birthday


IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY – And so it’s Officially my BIRTHDAY MONTH! I’m so very grateful to be cancer-free, surrounded by friends and family and embarking on new adventures and new submissives who are coming to me with a desire to be of service to me. and those who are looking for a firm yet guiding hand into their explorations of all that is kink. And the fact that it is such a special day – a day to celebrate my existence and remember my grand entrance into this world, why don’t you show me how much you admire me and want to impress me. I have updated my Etsy wishlist and you can always have a look at my Adore Me page for ideas of a gift certificate or a link directly to my Paypal account so you can make my bank account know how you want to make it feel loved.

New Podcast Appearance

Podcast banner

It’s with great pleasure that I announce my debut on the podcast – What Women Want *and other wonderful humans with Jon Catsuit. It was both a delightful and poignant interview that covered my life in acting, improv, with cancer and my path into becoming a Domme. As quoted by Jon: “

Premiering Today! It is simply one of the most powerful episodes we have done in this series. @MDiamondblu – pro-domme – comedian – cancer survivor – shares her journey through immense obstacles to become her true self after 50. It’s a can’t miss an episode!

Mistress Diamond B-Day

Everyone has their special day – and my birthday is April 4th! It’s a memorable day because I was born just a few hours after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. I do have a special fondness for him in my heart for the incredible man he was, and perhaps his spirit resides in me – “I have a dream” remains my mission statement. I dream of a world that women will rise up to equalize the gender power gap in government, science and public services, and lead the world into a bold new era of Femocracy – the power of the feminine to be democratic, while being eloquently empathetic, and making gender discrimination a thing of the past.

Aside from celebrating my special day – I will be heading into the third year of my last chemotherapy treatment and 3 years cancer-free. What a better way to celebrate this special event than to gift me something from my wish list! Head over to my page; Adore me and have a look at the stores that I love to shop in – you can also send me a gift card from the many stores I have listed. I, and gift cards are perfect, but I also have an Amazon and Etsy wish list. I will also happily accept any kind of Visa or Mastercard gift cards – to

So, on April 4th, make a special effort – and don’t forget to show your appreciation of me for the beautiful, courageous incredible woman I am 😉

New Clips!

I’ve been quite busy making clips and doing some behind-the-scenes work on some new projects. Have you subscribed to my AVN Stars and OnlyFans sites yet? Hands down these are the best ways to see my latest content UNCENSORED! You can also follow me on Twitter for my enlightening posts and sardonic rants and musings about life as a domme. And if you ever feel so inclined, and get over your shyness – send me a message via SextPanther. I love connecting with my fans 😉